E-learning IMDG training (English)

E-learning IMDG training (English)



Shore-based personnel* engaged in the transport of dangerous goods intended to be transported by sea shall be trained in the contents of dangerous goods provisions commensurate with their responsibilities. Employees shall be trained in accordance with the provisions of 1.3.1 before assuming responsibilities and shall only perform functions, for which required training has not yet been provided, under the direct supervision of a trained person. According to the IMDG Code shore-based personnel must have an IMDG Code training certificate. This E-learning IMDG Course can be followed 24/7.

The online course consists of four modules:

• Module 1: General provisions, classes and packing groupss.
• Module 2: Classes, divisions, packing groups
• Module 3: Provisions concerning transport operations
• Module 4: Segregation and Safety

The training ends with a test. After finishing the course and, of course, a possitive result, the student receives his or her Certificate IMDG Code training.

For whom

Shore-based personnel such as those who:

– classify dangerous goods and identify proper shipping names of dangerous goods;

– pack dangerous goods;

– mark, label or placard dangerous goods;

– load/unload Cargo Transport Units;

– prepare transport documents for dangerous goods;

– offer dangerous goods for transport;

– accept dangerous goods for transport;

– handle dangerous goods in transport;

– prepare dangerous goods loading/stowage plans;

– load/unload dangerous goods into/from ships;

– carry dangerous goods in transport;

– enforce or survey or inspect for compliance with applicable rules and regulations; or

– are otherwise involved in the transport of dangerous goods as determined by the competent authority

Preparatory training

A preparatory training is not required. This is a basic course of dangerous goods that can be successfully completed by anyone who works for it. Therefore, we have not provided a recommended time for the course.


About 4 hours. Of course, it can also be completed faster, but we recommend that you “learn” the course material. After the modules, there is a test to determine if you actually understood the course material. All very simple, but enough to make sure that you have earned the certificate.


The price of the course is € 99 per student.